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Original Framed - Comfortable Bliss Seals Art


Comfortable Bliss Seals Original Artwork by Jo Bell framed with Art glass. 

In a light wooden frame.

Jo Bell from Ocean Love Art donates a percentage of all art proceeds to ORRCA (Organisation for the Research & Rescue of Cetaceans in Australia). www.orrca.org.au

I can’t help but love the seals. We are lucky to have a colony that live on our Northern beaches. They are frequently seen on our beautiful beaches and “frolicking” in the ocean.

We loved swimming with them recently on a trip down south in Jervis Bay and seeing them being their playful selves. We also got to see them again further south in Narooma towards the end of last year. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the nature of the seals and get these two on paper.

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