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Original Framed - Fiddler Ray Banjo Shark Art


Fiddler Ray Banjo Shark Original pen and ink artwork by Jo Bell framed with Art glass. Detailed black and white hand-drawing in a very time-consuming process of millions of dots.

33cm x 42.5cm

In a black wooden frame.

Jo Bell from Ocean Love Art donates a percentage of all art proceeds to ORRCA (Organisation for the Research & Rescue of Cetaceans in Australia). www.orrca.org.au

We have recently swum with this beautiful ray in the Basin at Mona Vale Beach. Seen gracefully gliding over the seagrasses. These beautiful creatures are harmless. They are recognised by their beautiful markings and often blend in with the Sandy seabeds. They eat crustaceans and smaller fish and molluscs. Fiddler rays can grow up to 146cm and females give birth to 2-5 pups in Autumn.

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