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Original Framed - Little (Fairy) Penguin Duo


Little (Fairy) Penguin Duo Original Artwork by Jo Bell framed with Art Glass.

72cm x 84cm

In a light wooden frame.

Jo Bell from Ocean Love Art donates a percentage of all art proceeds to ORRCA (Organisation for the Research & Rescue of Cetaceans in Australia). www.orrca.org.au

Fairy Penguins used to frequent the bays in Pittwater a few years ago. Generally, I would hear their voices before seeing them swimming. They seem to love coming out when it’s raining lightly with the sunshine .. that’s normally when we would see them whilst out on the boat. I hadn’t seen them for years up until a few months ago whilst heading out for our Twilight sailing, we heard the call and were super excited to see one lone penguin swimming between the boats near Scotland island.

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