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Original Framed - Weedy Sea Dragons 1


Weedy Sea Dragons Original Artwork by Jo Bell framed.

66cm x 39.5cm.

Original pen and ink drawing framed with Art glass in a light wooden frame. Two options available.

The Weedy Sea dragon is something magical to see. Colourful with red-orange, purple Stripes and yellow dots with delicate leaf-like appendages that help it blend in the seaweed. These gorgeous marine creatures are a cousin to the Sea horse. The males are more slender than the females and are darker in colouring. Amazingly, They can grow up to 45cm long. like the Seahorses, the males are the ones who fertilize and look after the eggs. There is a courtship that happens before the female lays the eggs at the base of his tail. They are known to stay together throughout the breeding season, staying close by and keeping an eye on each other. 

Jo Bell from Ocean Love Art donates a percentage of all art proceeds to ORRCA (Organisation for the Research & Rescue of Cetaceans in Australia). www.orrca.org.au


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