Ocean Love Art & Design

Surfboard - Seahorse Artwork


Original Artwork by Jo Bell - seahorse surfboard.


This piece is not for sale but is for auction. Bids can be made by contacting Robbie through “Living Ocean”.
All proceeds from the auction of the Surfboard are donated to “Living Ocean“ funds that go towards their research projects. 

Jo Bell from Ocean Love Art donates a percentage of all art proceeds to ORRCA (Organisation for the Research & Rescue of Cetaceans in Australia). www.orrca.org.au

SEAHORSES - These beauties are residents in certain areas along our beautiful Northern Beaches and are protected.  I can’t help but love and be fascinated by these little marine creatures. Once they partner up, they fall in love with each other and are partners for life. The males unusually give birth to their young. 

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